About us

Welcome to Classical Accompaniments e-shop! Here you can find selected piano tracks that you can buy & download to help you practice.

Our team is formed by professional correpetitors and music coaches with long experience in accompaniment and preparation of singers in theatres and singing lessons.

Our deep knowledge of the vocal function and breathing as a whole is reflected in the interpretation and the phrasing of the pieces, which is driven by the voice and the text, always in accordance to musical tradition and style. As a result, the pieces are extremely singer friendly and help the singer sing properly and with musicality.

Of course, we believe that there can be more than one possible interpretation of a musical piece, and the live accompaniment of a professional accompanist is irreplaceable. We know, however, that we can help you and prepare you for that moment.

Our repertoire includes operatic arias and scenes, aria antica, Lied, art song and oratorio, for every voice type and fach.

Each piece includes 3 or 4 different files – music tracks. The 1st is the basic file with the piano accompaniment (P.mp3). The 2nd one contains the piano accompaniment and the breaths, which are necessary for the musical communication, entrances, phrasing, etc (PB.mp3). The 3rd one contains the piano accompaniment, breaths and the melody (singing line), meant for early stage training (first contact with an unfamiliar piece) (PBM.mp3). The 4th one is the piano accompaniment with the melody (PM.mp3).

Each product is sold in 3 variations, and each one contains 1, 2, or all music tracks respectively.

Our product list is constantly growing and expanding. If you don’t find yet the piece you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and order it!

We know how to help you sing! We know how to properly accompany you!